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"First Joy" Raw Pu-Erh Cake (Year 2018)

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Harvest: 2018 Bu Lang Mountain, Yunnan (布朗山)

Dry leaves: Large and whole tea leaves, good amount of tea buds, tight and round tea cake (茶条肥壮,茶芽豪多,茶饼圆紧)

Liquor: Bright golden

Tasting Note: 



Net Weight: 357g


Notes from our Chief Tea Officer:

This young Puerh cake has similar qualities you would find in a Da Yi signature raw cake 7542. From the selection of Mao Cha, to the recipe of the tea blend (bud and leaves ratio), to the crafting of the cake (withering, oxidization, and frying 炒青), this tea is made and designed for aging. We recommend this cake for both puerh collectors and puerh beginners, it will age well with the right storage, and at the same time nice to enjoy right now!

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