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Organic Matcha (Ceremonial Grade)

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An organic green tea powder made with leaves that are under shading for 20 days before harvest to increase amino acids level.  An optimal substitution for those seeking caffeine from sources other than coffee. 

This matcha is stone ground over low speed. The cooler and gentler production method is designed to retain maximium vitamins and nutrients in the powder.

Drinking matcha has a vibrant green colour comparing to cooking matcha, indicating a higher level of antioxidants. Please store your tea in the fridge after open as these ingredients are highly active.



Kagoshima, Japan

*This tea is radiation tested, 100% safe to drink


Taste Note:

Smooth, creamy, vegetal, unique green tea sweetness. Vibrant green liquid with a fine cream froth when whisked.


Brewing Instructions:

80°C water. One bamboo teaspoon (1/3 of the normal teaspoon) per cup.  Whisked well

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