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"Elephant Hill" Ripe Pu-Erh Cake (Year 2007)

Harvest: 2007 Menghai, Yunnan

Dry leaves: A thick, evenly pressed round cake, fleshy and soft leaves, good amount of buds, Guangdong dry storage

Tasting Note: Brownish red liquor, smooth and juicy palate, good fragrance developed from aging


Net Weight: 100g


Notes from our Chief Tea Officer:

This is a great find by David (our sourcing officer in China), as we rarely see aged shou puerh cakes that are 100g. Elephant Hill is actually the name of the tea factory, it is known to make authentic "Menghai taste" (勐海味) puerh.

Elephant Hill has a slight rice like fragrance, combines with the thick and smooth month feel, sort of tastes like plain rice porridge that is simmered for hours (Cantonese Congee). Its Cha Qi is calm and warming, makes it a great evening tea for the colder months.

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