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Blue Lemongrass & Ginger (With Blue Pea Flower)

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An antioxidant-rich blend of rough cut lemongrass, dried ginger kibbles, and the magical butterfly pea flower buds. 

Relatively new to the tea family, butterfly pea flower has a high content of anthocyanin and quercetin. It can help boosting vitality and circulation while promoting collagen production and healthy hair.

Butterfly pea flowers are used traditionally in Malaysia to make blue desserts and blue rice, where lemongrass is used traditionally used for bloating.



Sourced both locally and globally. Handblended exclusively in Melbourne by Libertea


Tasting Note:

Clear deep ocean blue liquid, zesty, spicy, refreshing.


Brewing Suggestions:

1. Include 2 to 3 flowers per 300ml of water for optimal colour

2. Add a wedge of lemon to change tea to purple

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